State Load Despatch Centre is the nerve centre for Odisha Power System. Our principal activities include operating Odisha Transmission system in the most economical way by economic load despatching and merit order operation. SLDC principally has to remain in contact with other utilities like ERLDC, OPTCL, DISCOM Utilities (TPCODL, TPSODL, TPNODL and TPWODL), OHPC, IPPs, CPPs, Non-Conventional Generating Units and has to be conversant with the matters pertaining to concerned utility for best results.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system referred as SCADA is available at SLDC to get on line data of power system. System analog data such as MW, MVAR, KV and Hz and digital data such as breaker & isolator ON or OFF status is available for all power stations, all 400 KV sub-stations and strategic 220 KV sub-stations.

State Load Despatch Centre, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Odisha Power Transmission Corporation encompasses virtually Generation Scheduling, monitoring real-time power system network, managing line and unit outages, Energy accounting & Open Access transactions within and outside the State.

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State Load Despatch Centre,

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