Agenda for 115th PSOC Meeting
Notice for 115th PSOC Meeting
Minutes for 114th PSOC Meeting
Agenda for 114th PSOC Meeting
Notice for 114th PSOC Meeting
Minutes of 113 th PSOC meeting
Agenda for 113rd PSOC Meeting_16.09.2017
Notice for 113th PSOC Meeting
Minutes of 112th PSOC meeting
Agenda for 112th PSOC Meeting
Notice for 112th PSOC Meeting
Minutes of 111th PSOC Meeting
Revised Export & Import TTC/ATC of OPTCL System for July-17
Agenda for 111th psoc meeting
Notice for 111th PSOC Meeting
Minutes of 110th PSOC Meeting
Agenda for 110th PSOC Meeting
Export & Import TTC/ATC of OPTCL System (June-17 & July-17)
Notice for 110th PSOC Meeting
Minutes for 109th PSOC meeting
Agenda for 109th PSOC meeting
Change of Venue of 109th PSOC Meeting
Notice of 109th PSOC Meeting
Sanitation Tender notice
Sanitation Tender Document
ARR order of SLDC for FY 2017-18
Agenda for 107th PSOC Meeting
Notice for 107th PSOC Meeting
Minutes of 106th PSOC meeting
Agenda for 106th PSOC meeting
Export & Import TTC/ATC of OPTCL System (Mar-17 to May-17)
Notice for 106th PSOC Meeting
Minutes of 104th PSOC Meeting
Application for ARR of SLDC for FY 2017-18
Public Notice for ARR-2017-18
Agenda for 104th Meeting
99th PSOC meeting notice
The Vendor List of SLDC for the financial year 2016-17