CMD's Desk


Dear Colleague,

Happy New Year to all of you and your family members.

In spite of the challenges due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, all of us have given our best to ensure good performance of the Company.

The capacity addition of 200 Circuit KM Transmission Line and 900 MVA transformation capacity during 2020 speaks of our commitment amidst tough conditions. We also ensured uninterrupted power supply to the people of Odisha during this pandemic period and timely restored power Post AMPHAN in the affected areas. Further we supplied dry ration to 2658 stranded workers along with free accommodation at 193 project locations with your help during the initial period of shutdown. I congratulate all the employees of OPTCL for their contribution in this success.

However, let us not forget the basic preventive tools i.e Social Distancing, Hand Sanitization and Face Mask. We have to continue with this new normal for some more time, at least. Let us all work together in a team spirit across all cadres and disciplines, to achieve our two core objectives i.e strengthening the Transmission network in the State and optimum reduction of Transmission Losses. Timely implementation of projects with best quality standards and technological interventions will further transform the power infrastructure in Odisha. Particularly I appeal to the young engineers and technicians to bring new innovative ideas to improve our work processes for better efficiency and effectiveness. We have to work hard with high integrity to see OPTCL reach new heights.

With best wishes for the New Year

Shri Nikunja Bihari Dhal, IAS

Sldc Officials with phone no.

Sl.No. Designation Name Office CUG Number
1 Control Room State Load Despatch Centre 0674-2748961

Chief Load Despatcher

Er. Bhadresh Bachubhai Mehta 0674-2748885 9438907008

Senior General Manager

Er. Prasanta Kumar Satpathy   9438907410
4 General Manager Er. Soumendra Kumar Mohanty   9438907383
5 EA to CLD Er. Sukant Kumar Sethi, AGM   9438907961
6 DGM (TEL) Er. Preeti Ranjan Mekap   9438907540
7 DGM (ELE) Er. Sanjaya Kumar Mishra 0674-2748816 9438907414
8 DGM (ELE) Er. Bibhu Dutta Panda 0674-2748856 9438907415
9 AGM (ELE) Er. Usharani Sahoo   9438907419
10 AGM (ELE) Er. Sukant Kumar Sethi   9438907961
11 Manager (ELE) Er. Rajesh Prasad Sahoo   9438907751
12 Manager (ELE) Er. Pradeep Kumar Mohanty 0674-2748856 9438907701
13 Manager (ELE) Er. Suchismita Sahoo   9438907160
14 Manager (ELE) Er. Arundhati Priyadarsini   9438907580
15 Dy. Manager (ELE) Er. Subhrajit Behera 0674-2748856 9438907669
16 Dy. Manager (ELE) Er. Sujata Sethy   9438907423
17 Asst. Manager (IT) Er. Pankajini Samal   9438908253
18 DGM (ELE) Er. Debi Prasad Kar 0674-2748816 9438907416
19 Asst. Manager (ELE) Er. Smita Aparajita Pattanaik   9438908321
20 GM (ELE) Er. Subhas Chandra Dash   9438907966
21 DGM (ELE) Er. Sarbapriya Jethy   9438907409
22 DGM (ELE) Er. Manas Ranjan Samantray   9438907413
23 DGM (ELE) Er. Manas Ranjan Das   9438908047
24 DGM (ELE) Er. Niranjan Kumar Jena   9438907556
25 DGM (ELE) Er. Sovon Roy   9438907565
26 AGM (ELE) Er. Dushasan Behera   9438907417
27 AGM (ELE) Er. Nihar Ranjan Mohanty   9438907672
28 Dy. Manager (ELE) Er. Biswa Ranjan Behera   9438907212
29 Dy. Manager (ELE) Er.Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo   9438908009
30 Dy. Manager (ELE) Er. Supriya Sethy   9438907087
31 Dy. Manager (ELE) Er. Priyadarshini Madhusmita   9438907952
32 Dy. Manager (ELE) Er. Lipsa Priyadarshini   9438907203
33 Dy. Manager (ELE) Er. Harapriya Behera   9438907229
34 G.M. (HRD) Ms. Anita Satpathy 0674-2748190 9438907037
35 Manager (FIN) Mr. Susanta Kumar Nayak   9438907210
36 PS to CLD Mr. Ananta Kishore Ojha 0674-2748885 9438907425
37 Jr. Manager (FIN) Mr. M. Rajesh Rao   9438908182
38 Jr. Manager (FIN) Mr. Nishant Shah   9438908027
39 T.C.O Mr. Akshya Kumar Tripathy 0674-2748190  
40 O.A. Gr-III Ms. Twinkle Sethi 0674-2748190  
41 O.A. Gr-III Mr. Jitendra Kumar Parida 0674-2748190  
42 FAX Room    0674-2748509
43 Service Provider CMS 0674-2748158